Group Membership

PSAMA assists organizations in developing a marketing department of skilled, knowledgeable talent that can propel their business forward. The AMA Group Membership program offers discounts to four or more marketing professionals and academics from the same organization regardless of geographic location.

Annual Dues:
 Group Size  4-9 Members  10+Members
 Dues Per Member*  $235  $210
 New Member Fee  Waived  Waived
Average Savings: 13 – 22% *Rate includes both local and national AMA dues.
  • Group membership is available to all organizations in the US and Canada.
  • A Group is defined as four or more people receiving a paycheck from the same employer.
  • Multiple business units or branches with the same parent organization or company name qualify.
To sign your team up for Group Membership:
  • Have a key contact at your organization complete the Group Membership application found at
  • AMA Customer Service will process all applications, contact your employees for their specific membership preferences and send an invoice to the Key Contact for payment.

Dues are annual and due on your anniversary in future years.

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting out, a membership in the PSAMA will expand your contacts and grow your career.