PSAMA Mentoring

PSAMA mentoring

PSAMA is proud to tantalize members with a new development of our ever-evolving mentor program. The PSAMA Mentor Program is designed to serve both the personal and professional growth of our members and stimulate a culture of life-long learning for our future marketing leaders. The program connects experienced marketing professionals with aspiring professionals in a supportive environment to share knowledge, wisdom, and real-world industry experience. Time commitment for participants is per the agreement of the mentor and mentee.

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Application process will open late January 2016. To apply for participation in the program, please complete the application when it becomes available.


Be a (proud) PSAMA member


Individuals who have less than ten years of marketing experience and are not considered senior management.


Have earned, or in process of earning, a post-secondary degree


  • Increases development as a marketing professional.
  • Gain the capacity to translate values and strategies into productive actions.
  • Complements ongoing formal study, training and development activities.
  • Develop a robust network of industry influencers.
  • Increase potential career and growth opportunities.
  • Expand strengths and explores potential.
  • Increase industry exposure: in house and agency.


Individuals who have more than ten years of marketing experience and are at least senior management.


Have earned a minimum of an undergraduate degree.


  • Enhance coaching, counseling, and listening skills.
  • Develop and practice a more personal style of leadership.
  • Demonstrate expertise and share marketing segment knowledge.
  • Renew enthusiasm and inspiration for marketing profession.
  • Opportunity to reflect on goals and practices.
  • Reinforce skills and knowledge of industry topics and subject(s).
  • Benefit from a sense of fulfillment and personal growth.
  • Create a legacy.

Questions? Connect with Julie Lichtenberg, VP Mentoring: Please do not email your resume.



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